Thursday, 22 May 2008


Guys and gals who are all so free,

I'm here posting on behalf of Ian and miss V.
He needs copies of what we did for the visitor centre this semester.
Among the things needed are:

1. JPEG of our presentation board
2. JPEG(s) of our plans
3. JPEG(s) of interesting and nice shots of our design
4. JPEG(s) of our model

all JPEGs have to be a quality of at least 2MB per jpeg aka higher resolution if not, your photos will be blur and it doesn't help in showing off your nice designs.

choose the best shots of your design and email it to ian pls.. he needs them for his lectures..

and another copy of whatever sent to ian should be burnt into a CD and submitted to miss V when the new semester starts. that's for taylor's archives and STEPS.. try to have as many people's work in a nicely labelled CD as possible to reduce the wastage of plastic and help reduce global warming =)


a portrait photograph of yourself that features your signature "pose" or "look"
you know like what the famous architects have, their signature portrait photograph like Zaha Hadid etc.

seriously, ian wants that portrait of ourselves. not joking.

so kindly email them to ian.

thank you.


sa!nt said...

meh?! self portrait!? =.=;;

benson/lester: mari mari use ur chun camera help each of us take nice portraits!

BADesign said...

ok la.. one day we meet at college the lip fountain there.. we have our signature "pose" photo shoot..


L i Y i n said...

can can when?? :D

BADesign said...

li yin.. u dun need lah !! u already have tonnes of poser pics !! hahahahaha

Anthrex Design Bureau said...

OMG...u gotta be kiddin me
can use photoshop?

Anthrex Design Bureau said...

and must it be in JPEG coz i sorta PDF-ed everything (strybrd i mean)

other pictures are JPEG-ed

HaydenWing said...

liyin's definitely gonna pose like Gisele like she posed for her own shoes line...


Jon da Penang said...

hmmm.....oooooooook guyssss.... this comment column sounds like one found in a modeling school not we archis are multi professional arent we...hahaha....ian u want poser pics...ul have poser pics...major lol....hehe..

ian ng said...

it's alll part of developing ur architectural eye, managing self-consciousness and acquiring promotional skills. no different from optimising ur portfolio. have fun! believe me--u WILL need marketing skills in private practice. the secret is to steer away from the extremes of crude oversell and lame non-prescence.

BADesign said...

this is wat i call BRANDing... muahahahahahha