Friday, 9 May 2008


before go on to the final stage, i hope can get one last crit from Ian as well as all of u. here are some of the images of my spaces. feel free to give any comments.. what do u feel from each space?
( BENSON ! These are MINE hahahaha)


View from Cannon Square
night view from Cannon Square
Gallery - "Ying"
Exhibition area- " yang"

Retail shop and reading area

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ian ng said...

(This comment applies to all generally.)

You may want to consider using one of your images (or part of it) as the background of your board. Its transparency and tonal value can be turned up or down to suit. In terms of proportion, as you're going for a 4x1 board, you have a ready-made one in the Yang image..haha. And a pretty good one at that, too.

Mao Yang's 2nd image fits the bill perfectly, too.

All my guests are pretty excited about the forthcoming Sem 3 Final Show! 3 more days to go!