Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sneak Preview

Ian, this is a sneak preview for you of one of the "lantern" box. Does it look like a lantern ?? LOL

Guys, feel free to comment.

5000 members of Soka Gakkai Malaysia perform the human mural at the 1998 Commonwealth Games, KL.(image added by ian ng in response to comment 6)

Ian: And the Marceedi comment.......

It's from the film, The Killing Fields, for which the late Khmer actor, Haing S Ngor, won an oscar for Best Supporting Actor. In the story....(see comments)


Issac said...
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ian ng said...

fuiyoh!!!!! sooooooooo sexy!
pink somemore!
it really looks good!

i take it this is a test model and not part of your building? i remember you had an entire facade of lanternlets which i thot was immaculate beyong words. like those watchamaycallits---those live stadium murals by sogokai and all. i meant to tell you that those lanternlets should be lanterns in their own right and not showcases for lanterns within. so you have the effect or essence of the lanterns as part of your ensemble. you can play with the fabric of your lantern boxes. maybe even have a changing panttern mural thingey whatever.

and a tip to all you night shotters...better not to choose a moonless night. dusk might be more seductive, too.

Marcidee no. 1 (line from Killing Fields)

BADesign said...

boon ah.. dun understand.. what do u mean by heart of my sneak ??

Issac said...

Love ur rendering!!(Muahhaa, i miss out this sentence =O=)
If u post with out the title, i will think "how come the lantern so weird 1"? Like a heart of ur sneak @@!
O, no la, heart of snake, coz the lantern juz act like the heart of ur snake (building" ma =P

ian ng said...

you mean Rubik's thwingey? i see, i twitty

BADesign said...

ian, dun understand also, what Marcidee no. 1 (line from Killing Fields)

lol.. and who or what is sogokai.. cant google it..

Jon da Penang said...

sakai isit...hahaha..

ian ng said...

Hey Jon it's time u posted something.. (i mean to look at)

ian ng said...

Marcidee No. 1 (or Marceedi No. 1)

haha...sorry for being so cryptic

In the film, Haing plays journalist, Dith Pran, who covers the fall of Cambodia to the Khymer Rouge (KR). Dith is driven around the city by a driver who tries to make conversation with his American partner by pointing out all the flashy cars in capitalistic Phnom Penh and trying to say, "Mercedes No.1!" In his typically local accent it comes out as "Marceedi No.1".

All 3 have a good chuckle.

Dith can't get out of Cambodia when it falls to the KR, and lives through the horrors of the Killing Fields. At one point, tortured to near death, he is freed secretly by someone he can't recognise 'cos of the bloody torture over his eyes and the fact that everybody has shaven to look communist.

Nobody dares identify with the previous regime on pain of death, so everyone pretends to be a peasant. To identify himself to Dith without giving himself away, his rescuer (one of his guards, actuallly) says, "Marceedi No.1."

All the ladies watching the movie cried at this point.

And incidently, Haing said, "I thank Buddha!" in his Oscar acceptance speech. He was shot dead by some gangsters in the US some years later. I was sad for a few days after that.

So, now u can see that this anecdote has absolutely nothing to do with your scheme...haha. It's a case of associative thinking...


Buddha~~Soka Gakkai~~lantern mural


BADesign said...

wow.. ian, u sure know how to link things up huh.. haha.. i just went to google tis soka gakkai association.. then only i know its actually a buddhist association..

i learnt new stuff again.. haha.. thanx..

Joshua said...

I really like Benson's lamp thingie. Anyway, wait till you guys see the entire render, a full wall of these thing.

ian ng said...

yeah...and i'm pushing him to push the boundaries..

Jon da Penang said...

jonjon is trying hard...there is no debut yet, but got trailer to see, but some may turn into directors post it up soon...