Wednesday, 28 May 2008


For those who are interested to participate in the DATUM KL forum, please submit your registration forms to the Programme Office, either to Ms. Shereen or Ms. Hilda. (Download form *here*)

The cost for each participating student (without food) is RM160/-. Forward the payment the same time as the form to Ms. Shereen or Ms. Hilda as well.

Closing date for the registration form + payment = 13th June

*Gossip Girl informs us that if we get enough people (200 students), the college may be able to subsidise. But honestly RM160/- is SO much cheaper than the RM280/- price stated already, so sign up people!


sa!nt said...

a lunch that cost rm120..i wonder wat they're going to serve. seriously, can one of u pls pay rm280 for the lunch so u can share with us the experience :D

ian ng said...

or better still the chosen one can tapau and bring it out to share with everyone

i think i'll go as an academic instead of corporate member as it's cheaper...hehe...advantages of wearing 2 hats...haha

i dun care so much for the lunch..on diet

Anthrex Design Bureau said...

luckily they didnt ask for any student ID from IAN...hehehe