Tuesday, 6 May 2008

random photo of my space

yos......... here u r ..... hv a quick look for my random photos of my spaces in my visit centre....


ian ng said...

a rather fine scheme i'd say, going by the quality of the interior treatment, particularly in the sensitivity to natural light. with the awareness of the effect that natural light can have on architectural space you should go further and test the outcomes of light against materiality. surfaces can be other than super white super smooth super flat and yet be unobtrusive enough to lend your interior spaces an air of quiet richness. you have already begun to demonstrate that in the top left hand corner space--unless my eyes deceive me the partitions appear to be marble slabs.

try to get "real people" instead of those flat cardboards

and i'm sure you'll be including more external shots of the building, "the architecture". at the moment the only one you show is impressive enough.

depending on the time you have left, you may want to steer your presentation towards slightly greater realism, esp in the texture of the context (the surrounding buildings).

overall...quite impressive! Well done!

NellyG. said...

WOW~!! me likey..
but got typo error in your title..
hehe..you spelt signboard as sigHboard.

Issac said...

Hahhaha, i didnt notice that !!!
Nelly geng~
I love ur rendering also Jinno ;)
+ u for ur SIGHboard =P