Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sneak Preview. But one picture more than Benson.

ok la. just a sneak preview of my building also.

I welcome you with..and..

ok la. enough. haha.


ian ng said...

The welcome should be a stunner if you can input enough selective detail onto the Khoo Kongsi gable wall. Looks like you haven't a choice here, but to do it--your entrance foyer hinges on it!

You need a bigger statement with your plants here---something quite singular and to a scale that matches the rather dramatic conservatory space---and not that variety of lallang in pasar malam pots.

Some thought needed here as to the type of glass that's appropriate for an horizontally configured glass roof.

You need to explore the use of colour and textures in your interior surfaces, materiality to aid poetics. I'm sure you're looking into that now as this is only a sneak preview.

The folded-plate construction (albeit executed in lightweight steel framing) is absolutely beguiling! And the fact that it's taken over the entire building envelope, morphing from metal-sheet sandwiches to glass panels, makes the language all the more engaging. The control shown in keeping the building form faceted and rippled throughout is either a case of pure fluke or evidence of structural and aesthetic sensitivity. You have to put further thought, though, into its structural integrity, or support--some parts look as if they need a column here and there, or something to keep it up and from flapping in the wind.

Sexy though they look in their not-fully-rendered-yet abstract grey (they're lovely as modern art images) we do want to see CONTEXT, RICHNESS OF MATERIAL, and well....GEORGETOWN! Hahaha. We don't want to see Europe or Chiba or Los Angeles...thank you very much!

And finally, as with a few other schemes I've seen, you have a huge task in making your exhibits come up to the dynamism and exhilaration--yea, even modest grandness--of your architecture. Changing trades, even at this late stage, need not be out of the question.

All said, it's quite obviously a rather splendid outing! Gosh! Who would have thought you got that terrible grade for your previous scheme? Good work!

BADesign said...

what is this man kelvin.. one more photo also must fight with me ah.. hahahaha

jinno_6 said...

hello benson... is mao yang's design la....hahahaha

BADesign said...

oh.. mao yang ah.. i didnt see da name below.. LOL... hahahahah...

omg.. tis means something.. kelvin n mao yang's one are so similar !

kelvin said...

lolz. ... YO o LOR benson