Monday, 12 May 2008


I was halfway through this last, outstanding article. But this afternoon I saw the schemes that came in till 5pm and hey! U guys don't need any articles on confidence.. haha! They're all so much better than we expected. Well done, guys! So relax... All u have to do is take us through your buildings from entrance to exit, and pause along the way to explain briefly any design idea that happens to be well illustrate at that point of the tour. That's about the easiest way to do your presentation. You may off course have a different, preferred method of presentation...stick to whichever you're comfortable with. Anything around 5 mins of speaking would be fine. Smile and go for it! The panelists will love you. The erstwhile trinity should be floating around.

Li Meng...wear a tie that matches the colour of your wall. You'll be a knockout!


sa!nt said...

any after-party? XD

ian ng said...

i wan i wan i wan
Ms V also wants
somebodys pleassssssssssee organise!
Keith should b made to want

ian ng said...

but not tmr night, ya? we'll be marking till about 5 or 6 pm, then tmr night see Prince Caspian preview (before premier in London, ehem..)