Wednesday, 14 May 2008


(More photos on my facebook after I've caught up with my sleep...haha)

The Wrapping Up Party yesterday after the final presentations was FUNTASTIC! Thanks Issac for suggesting it the night before. And thank you Everyone in Studio 3 who belanja-ed us tutors!

I enjoyed the mad photo session, I enjoyed hearing all your little speeches, I enjoyed the pizza, I enjoyed your company most of all. Hearing Wei Shyan and Yu Sheng speak was stunning experience! Haha.

Sorry I spoke at the speed of the bullet train---that was my strategy for blocking out my feelings. Otherwise it would have been kinda messy (haha.)

For those of you who missed it (the party, I mean) here's my little speech. Not word for word---how can i remember it word for word...haha---just the formalised gist of it.


( title somemore... Good presentation must always be labeled mar...haha.)

Well, guys, this is it, I guess: The end of one hectic semester. And quite possibly, for some who may care to think of it that way, it’s kinda the final leap over an important milestone.

Milestones that matter in life are not often measured by the money you make or the fame you achieve, nice though those things may be. Rather, markers that matter are perhaps that little remark from a friend, that small gesture that came at a time when you most needed it, that prank you played with your classmates—completely carefree and unrelated to architecture—or those small hours you spent together, your bodies so weary you wondered if the sun would rise for go and face yet another crit!

Treasure those moments, my friends, for you will remember them more, much more, than the great lessons in architecture—which will take a lifetime to learn. And remember those who stood by your side through them all.

It’s been a pleasure running this program for you. Experiential poetics is always the fun part of architecture. And if you are still a little blur about it—don’t worry: It’ll come to you…after many hours of sleep (with dreams), after many more days of looking at the world, and some more years of practicing. The important thing is… in Studio 3, Taylor’s College, 2008, you started.

(Along with V & K) I am a tutor because the rules of the game require tutors. But really, as I am just as passionate about architecture as you are, in a deeper sense I am a colleague, learning alongside you. Sure I’ve seen much more, read a bit more, built some. But creativity is no man’s captive. It is a gift of God to everyone, regardless of age, yours as much as mine. And each time you showed me your designs, however tentative, you allowed me a peek through yet another window—yours—into a world I’d never seen before. And for that I am always grateful, and about that I am always excited.

I may appear a little Banana to you (haha.) But I assure you, this banana’s very much dipped in kaya! Haha! Really, I am very Asian at heart—and proud of it, too. And I see no embarrassment in doing the Asian thing in closing.

If I have said any unkind word, if I have ever been overbearing, or if I have sometimes appeared just too harsh, please forgive me. It is not because I hate. Rather it is because I love enough to see a better you.

I bid you farewell in the greater things to come, and thank you for teaching me as much as I hope I have taught you.

Thank you, and Goodbye.


Joshua said...

Hip, hip, hooray! I enjoyed the course aims for this studio and although I don't feel like I learned heap loads, I hope I absorbed more than I think I did.

I think as a semester as a whole we all did an awesome job and grew together in exploring new boundaries (and media), congrats all.

Cheers to some decent sleep, my comrades. 3 down, one more to go.

(PS: I have a strong feeling you'll be hearing from us in impromptu tutorials next semester, Mr.Ian or Mr. Ng or Ian you prefer. :D)

LuvEiEi said...

First of all, a million thanks to Ian!! glad to have such a nice and excellent tutor!!

I personally enjoy this studio 3 very much!! this studio is so fun than last 2 studios, hehe..

Oh yea! we are officially FREE like a bird now~

Anyway, im glad that im under unit 5!! Unit 5 the BEST!!!!! Ian the BEST!!!!

Anthrex Design Bureau said...

uh.. i believe suddenly is so empty without assignments.....

sa!nt said...

the best studio ever!

i'm emo-ing now that everythings over. no more sleepless more seeing sunset then sunrise in digital lab........

muahahahhah! so happy can die.

bblsh said...'s the ned of studio 3..not the end of the relationship...cheers...we still can go murni yum cha la!!!as we all owe u so much teh tarik...well..shame to comment in class...i post my comment here la!!!1st honestly...u 3 r vy good tutors...even sometime u all critic my stuff until vy vy useless or smtg else...i still can accept bcs i know u may have different comment...2nd is ian...u r really good..encourage and push us a lot...mayb sometimes u surprise us with some comment...u r still the 3rd tutors i really respect in taylors college..(1st 2 cant tell u,no offence to other lecturer)3rd is design is a process(one of my concept la)..dont too care about the product as we oledi put so much hard work on our "baby(ah jin..use ur word)...we love it n we will take it as our sweet memory after dis...juz to say even we will get A or B...dont be too sad!!maybe i m the 1st 1 to sad..finally..happy holiday n enjoy our last holiday in hometown be4 we r going to oversea!!!all the best everyone!!studo 3 rocks......

Euric said...

im bored

BADesign said...

bored right? i feel so jobless la.. like some retiree adi..

anyway.. ian.. i will never forget wat u said to me.. during the first few crits of tis visitor centre project.. u said to me.. "benson, wat happened to u, u r so LOST". immediately, it was like a smack in my face and i was like oh damn... im "lost".. i'm sure u noticed my face colour immediately changed.. lol..

BUT.. because of that.. i came out wit the rubik snake.. and look! da rubik snake turned out quite well... hehe.. i like it, i love it and i think its good..

so thanx to ur those few "kind" words ian.. hahaha.. i managed to come out wit my rubik snake.. lol.. lesson learnt is.. dun let wat people say about ur design stop u or bring u down.. but use it as an encouragement.. turn that negativity or even anger into energy.. and you really can break out and do better..

at least that worked for me.. lol.. thanx ian!

L i Y i n said...

Hey Ian the banana dipped in kaya happy-go-lucky lecturer! LOL!
you may not have noticed but I'm thankful for what you've "unintentionally" taught me through the mini minor tutors :)

Studio3 rocks and everybody, happy holidays!

Euric said...

who's interning this break?

MY said...

Ian iAn iaN...

luckily you gave me D for my first project. You crushed me, sent me right to hell.

but then after that, you started to encourage me, help me, guide me.. you gave me some attention that normally i dont get la. so.. it's a kind of motivation for me that time. and.., really learn alot alot things from you. not only in developing idea skills, but also presentation skills.

so, after you sent me to HELL, you pulled me up again, and push me to HEAVEN. haha....

so.. all i gotta say is, Thank you very much. See you next semester. haha..

MY said...

oh ya,

everyone doesnt seem to be happy.

everyone seems to be bored.

everyone seems out of targets, aims, purpose.

everyone seems... missing studio 3.

ian ng said...

hey Josh... i reckon all the lessons bedded in ur subconscious will come up to the surface after they've fought through your words...hahahaha

sorry couldn't resist that..haha

yup, u guys were awsome! better to come next sem i'm sure...impromptu tutorials or no..haha

ian ng said...

My dear Luv! the feeling is mutual...thnx for being such a great student! Actually, not student...experimental architect in the making, more like it.

Yup, this Studio's been my most enjoyable to date! Fortunate that this sem we changed to the Unit system. I think it makes a difference. We should keep the Unit system.


ian ng said...

Oops! Josh, i meant: "...u guys were awesome! I expect even better stuff to come from you all next sem.."

I didn't mean i expect better students to come to Studio 3 next sem. Hahahahahah!

sa!nt said...

unit 5 roxors!
honestly, this sem is my most productive sem where i learnt a lot from all 3 tutors especially ian..thanks 'mr khoo'!

my fren all so jealous cos i have an architect cum actor lecturer. haha

ian ng said...

Hey Nic... i know EXACTLY how you feel! haha I suffered the aftermath of the adrenalin rush terribly...couldn't quite concentrate on Prince Caspian properly...hahaha

But had to do with 5 hours sleep and it was off to work this morning...working ppl aren't so lucky as students...sigh

You're (all) going through the post event blues....quite normal. (I mean We are all...) Just rest and go out and do something completely unrelated to architecture---you'll be right as rain in no time.

but if u want an no. is......

ian ng said...

My dear Saint! Hahahahaah....... dun die, pls dun die. we want u back next sem...haha. Heaven won't be the same without saints...hahaha

this actor cum whatever thingey is actually quite funny..haha.. i was washing my car at the condo car was area and this other guy doing his Camry kept looking at me and smiling....Then he said, you're an actor aren't you...i saw you on tv recently..u were in Rolling Evening..u look so familiar.

and i said, Rolling Evening? No i don't think so, i mean yes i have appeared in some series but not Rolling Evening.

and i thot to meself, Blimey, am I that famous? Hahaha Now they think I'm in everything! Hahahahaha.

So, i said, u mean Ghost? Or Realiti?

After washing another half of the Camry he said, oh yes! Ghost! It was Ghost!

Turns out he's an engineer with a big petroleum company, and used to also tutor when he was doing his PhD in the UK. Chinese guy.

Sheeeesh...all sorts of funny ppl watch all these funny shows.

And u, dear Saint, are one of the toughest cookies in class. A real fighter! U'll make an excellent architect yet....and travel around the world rebuilding communities in natural disaster spots like Myanmmar and China for charitable world bodies. Wow!

ian ng said...

Shenghao, as usual, wears me i'll leave his for another day. Neways, he's in S'pore, so won't need to read anything.

ian ng said...

Yo, Bens! ya... i noticed. Your face turned purple first, then black! (As planned.) haha!

I was testing you.

Of course i was clear on the possible extreme reations to expect: you'd either cry, or punch me in the face. And anything in between would be just fine. Hahaha.

Experienced tutors know what they're doing...dun worry..hahaha.

I'm glad you passed the test. Either you buckle (which means more work for me) or u come out of it tops (which means less work for me.) Looks like my gamble paid off! Hahaha. Excellent scheme, Lad!

But the most impt point to note is that my comment was based on truth, not falsehood.

ian ng said...

must sleep now for my drive to Lipis..respond to the others tmr.

BADesign said...

oh ya.. i forgot.. another thing from u for me to remeber.. im a "sensitive and talented designer".. haha.. thanx and YAY !!!

lik_1031 said...

wow~~great to c every1 here!kaka..Feel tat v really 'DIE HARD' nia..haha..thx ian for posting photo~~thx every1 giving me a very sweet memory~thx..c u guys next sem~~god bless..

bblsh said...

haha..i m here...hehe...ian!!!We r here!!!n we all hv seen the result!!!

Issac said...

I've learn lots n lots in sem5 studio 3, wat i gained is lots of important knowledge and practise from the 3 lovely tutors and my dear frens, Thx u all
But i gain something more important than knowledge which is.....
"U ALL, My studio family"
"Our frenship getting deeper n deeper & better and better" XD
There is no more january intake or march intake or watever intake ;) Becoz we edi meltz together! Aren't We? ^^
Waiting for da last gathering on July =)
LOVE u all~

ian ng said... back not so long where was I
o, yes...LiYin...Hey...but moreover, even the dogs...oh never mind...that's from the'll have to ask Maoyang to locate that for you ....haha

Hey next time come right up and say, Let's yumcha together!

Great you enjoyed everything...i mean all the silly jokes that had lessons in them..haha

ian ng said...

Euric...ur tops when it comes to "I don't care what everyone thinks...not even the tutors...i'm doing my own thing!"

Kudos, Man! Loved that lotus ficus biomorphic emergent sprout in the sky. Made me happy for days when u showed me those early jpegs. Wonderful! Absolutely super!

ian ng said...

Mao Yang, I don't really know what to say....haha

ok, la, ur ok.

sorry la...dumbfounded here

ian ng said...

Lik...we need to see more of you next time (if there's a next time, i mean, haha) Because you CAN put together a neat design or two..haha. It was great receiving all those cute sms from you..haha
God Bless!

ian ng said...

bblsh and ky and all you foreign Singaporeans, why r u spying in our blog???? Wanna leave Malaysia in a rush, huh??!!! Don't come back!

ian ng said...

Yea Issac...U taught me a thing or two about the "other" things in life which are as important, if not more important, than architecture. About connecting where it in the heart? Phew!! Tough lesson that. Hahaha. Did I pass?

MY said...


speechless is ok.

speechless here too.

lik_1031 said...

okay~~sure,yamcha next time..cute!!!-_-'..haha..

Issac said...

Hahaha, dont dare to admit "teach" = =
I've learn lots from u too;)
Of coz u edi pass, if not then i learn from some1 who no license ,muhahhaha =P
Yam cha remeber call me along ^^ jya everyone

Jon da Penang said...

wah...u guys started a party here without the party king!!! how kidding...hehe

so to make up for my sucky speech that i made on tuesday, i will make it up here again.

first of all, i wanna thank all my classmates for being so much better than i expected, everyone has grown so much...and if its not for u guys, i dont think i will see my own growth as well, so thanks.

and then theres the threesome...haha...quite a bunch of tutors u guys are...wont forget the way u guys dressed in my hometown, the pic that i took when u guys were standing in font of that happy mart when i was in my car, that was priceless...haha...dont worry, that isnt how i will remember u guys, u all taught me lessons that i will bring with me for life. i thank u all for that.

and wtv outcome all of this maybe, i will treasure the memories from the studio at 8th floor we call studio 3 forever.

i cant resist but to say....i love u guys!!! really.....come *group hugs* long for now all my frens and sifus...will see all of u next sem. till then take good care of ursf, i wanna see all of u back safe and sound next sem...and gd lucks...happy holidays...

and this time......dont need to clap...hehe..

with love,

kelvin said...

eh eh .. dun say any bad words of us .. we r peeping hehe . ^^... even tho we r in singapore but our heart is still in ur heart " ian " ... Lolzzz... catch up u all when i go back!

ian ng said... u to make such a "mature" and "comprehensive" speech! hahaha
Do post THAT pic..for a good laugh!!
Studio 3 wouln't have been the same without made me laugh!!!
Come to think of it it wouldn't have been the same without EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. And i also liked those at the opposite end from you, very much, those who don't have as many words as you...haha...Ya, love u all, too.

ian ng said...

Come home Kelvin...all is forgiven.

kelvin said...

we r BACK!!!!! WA
KAKAKA Jon! Look at the last photo !! NICE POSE of u !!!!!!!!!

jinno_6 said...

hei.... u guys miss me here..... i miss studio 3 too even tho i enjoyed in my hometown.... i felt so empty after submitted all my assignments.... so empty....

guys lets make another miracles in studio 4.... i am looking forward....

jinno_6 said...

oh ya.... i missed up someone...
thx to ian, k, n v.... no them no us no studio 4 next sem.... hahaha...thx you papa mama n koko....
happy holiday n see u next sem in coll not in class ya....haha....

sa!nt said...

jinno so confident can advance to studio 4 next sem? hehehe