Saturday, 10 March 2007

Wild Wild Site Analysis

Ok, somebody just informed me that you guys have a fantastically unbearable workload and are finding the Wild Best Competition tough-going...especially that it is unclear if there are any marks going for this... (I thought this was only Celdrick's problem.)

Haiyah... When will you guys ever learn?

THINK What is a site analysis?

Is it just the sunpath, compass direction, views, traffic circulation, existing site features, blah blah blah?

YES It's all that. But, really, anybody can pick all those things out. An analysis with JUST THOSE SEEN THINGS will be pretty boring. I mean it could be pretty---nice graphics and all---but unexciting, uninspiring, Doesn't tell us that you have ABSORBED the site and all it can offer.

How then do we take it to a different level? A higher, more imaginative level that will show creative exploration at work?

You have to SHOW THE UNSEEN THINGS! Show what only imaginative architects see in a site that other lesser mortals do not see. Show the POTENTIAL for building and intellectual+artistic enrichment that the site hides! Uncover it!

The unseen things are in your mind. And the site and the brief are your best friends in making them visible. So streeeeeeeetch your mind! Push it to it's imaginative limits...and surprise even yourself! And since these are only ideas (without restriction) you will find at the end of this flight of freedom than nothing you can design for your actual building for the Senior Day Care Centre (Project 2) will be able to beat this building you have experienced in your mind.

More importantly---you will KNOW what the boundaries are. You will know the parameters, and will be confidently guided as you come out with the most exquisite and spell-binding building you have done to date.

Of course it will also be senior friendly and tropical and blah blah blah----all those things you are sick of hearing----but just by chance, because of the Wild Wild Best excercise, it might also be all you are hoping it will be, to get you those wonderfully high marks. It just might be witty, clever, unusual, unique, original, thought-provoking, and mind-blowing---all those qualities we are looking for, all those qualities those senior citizens, at the closing stages of their journey, deserve.

If you need more time we can extend the closing of the competition to Wednesday, but only if the majority of you want that (We can't hold people back if they want to go, go, go...) Post here to indicate.

Also, I need to know who's in what group and named what and sending in how many entries.

Last tip....if you haven't already thought of it....your entries will form part of your site response and will add towards your grade.

But more importantly, it will expand your mind and help you in-------ok, ok Ian just stop it we've got the point.....


540 said...

I don't mind wednesday. Cus i like to spend my sweet time thinking n researching.

- n² - said...

more time sounds excellent..i get to think more :)

rogEr.. said...

Not enough energy..