Sunday, 11 March 2007

Schedule 12, 14 and 19 March

Thanks Howard for kicking off the tutorial schedule, but I'm afraid it's got to be adapted due to the change in plan that occurred this afternoon.

What we've agreed on is this:
Mon 12 Mar:
1330 Show the Case Study sheet for Ian's crit of its CONTENT.
Rest of the day will be open to individual or team tutorials of any material

Wed 14 Mar:
1400 Presentation of Wild Wild Best Entries to panel of judges. Winner will be announced immediatetly after marks have been tallied.

1530 Group discussion on all Entries, on strategy for presenting outcome of Site Analysis, and on how to start off your individual Project 2

Mon 19 Mar:
1300 Submit Site Analysis---the Group Banner and the individual/team response sheet
1330 Individual tutorials commence for rest of day.

As far as I've been informed the teams are
AWT---Siti, Hui Ching, Yin Lih
The Dynamic Trio---Simon, Patrick, Chern Xi
(No name yet)---Niven, Howard, Rosalind
(No name yet)---Sudono, Roger, Asri, Rozalee (I assume)

Please note: you are encouraged to submit a Team Response for the site analysis. You may, of course, if you wish submit an individual one. Personal photo required on Response.

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