Thursday, 1 March 2007


I really shouldn't be involved in your group and team work. Sorry if I've been a bit overbearing. Just trying to prevent you from having to undo too many mistakes. Anyways...

My humble suggestion is that you might want to elect, or affirm the existing, leaders in your team; and you may want to elect a Group Leader to keep things on the move. We had a very good one last sem. They called him the Time Management King. Things moved. Furtherways...

Referring to next week's programme: It's quite detailed BECAUSE WE HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME LEFT TO SUBMISSION OF THE SENIOR DAY CARE CENTRE--SDCC!!! (Did someone just say...aawww we've heard that before...?)

For those items for which I did not say MARKS WILL BE ALLOTED it doesn't mean marks will not be considered. I'm looking for PARTICIPATION. That's what group work is all about.

I suggest you guys discuss the program so that you can take the lead in ALL THE ITEMS other than those which specifically say I will be doing it.

The whole programme will be messed up if the site model is not finished by Sunday night! Good Luck! and Happy Planning!

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