Monday, 12 March 2007

Semester Schedule

Week 8 ___Today___________________Wild Wild Best Submission
Week 9___Case study presentation_______Site analysis presentation
Week 10__Crit 1____________________Interim Crit 1
Week 11__________________________Crit 2
Week 12__________________________Interim crit 2
Week 13
Week 14__Drawing submission__________Model submission
Week 15__study week
Week 16__exam week
Week 17__final Crit
Week 18__portfolio

1 comment:

ian ng said...

Thanks Roger.

I think Week 9 Mon also sees the submission of a draft of the site analysis.

And Week 10 Wed is Interim Crit 1.

Also to note that Ian is available at any lag time for personal tutorials, and that after Interim Crit 2 your design proposal should be more or less, 75%, in place for full steam ahead to the fnal submissions of Week 14.