Wednesday, 28 March 2007

WEEK 10's Schedule

We must move on. Having tested a few conceptual schemes at 1:400 you should now be working at 1:200 scale.

Next week (Week 10, Chernxi tells me) is only 4 weeks to SUBMISSION WEEK @ Week 14. After today's crit you should at the least have filtered out a few unworkable concepts and detected ideas that you know will lead you to a good design. With any luck (and a lot of hard, smart work) it might end with a brilliant design.

You all need see me only once next week, on either Mon or Wed, for a 30 minute slot. So book now below.

There is one condition: You must come for the crit with a STUDY MODEL @ 1:200. Or you won't get a crit. (Sudono and Rozalee who came with basic models today will tell you how useful study models are, however simple they are.)

And it's better to come with a quick rough study model than miss a crit for having no model at all. If you need comments on conceptual ideas you are still exploring before you embark on your 1:200 study model, you can post here and I will give you some guidelines.

Monday 2 April
1300 -
1330 -
1300 -
1600 - Lecture by Ian on StaatsG Germany

Wed 4 April
1300 -
1330 - etc
1630 - Ian's closing remarks

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