Thursday, 29 March 2007

Revised Schedule for Week 11

Next week is actually Week 11 and not Week 10. I have therefore revised the program for next week to let more of you see me on Monday. The group workshop time will therefore be at the end of Wednesday. All students have to bring their latest study models and drawings and attend the workshop. This is the crucial mid-point in your project after which you should be on the home run!

Rozalee and Hui Ching, sorry I had to move your slots. To be fair, you could work out alternative arrangements with the others on Wednesday if it bothers you.

Monday 2 April
1300 -
1330 -
1400 -
1430 -YinLih
1500 - Chern Xi
1530 - Kneeee Verrnnn
1600 -
1630 -
1700 -
Wed 4 April
1300 -Hui Ching
1330 -Rozalee
1400 -Alisha
1430 - Simon
1500-1700 -Ian's closing remarks/Lecture /workshop

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