Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Warning to idiots like me

Hey guys.
Just a TINY notice. About the townplanning meddling, friends who are thinking of messing with it, this is a warning. Be sure that you deal with cars and pedestrians and also how the roads affect the buildings. I have been thinking of doing flyovers and tunnels in my project and I've hit alot of dead ends basically because of the amount of space they need and the safety offset boundaries to buildings/pedestrian pathways/ parking lots.

This here is a picture of how I drew up the traffic to see my space limitations. My proposed idea was to be in the center of the road in between the new and old markets. So points for lookout is mainly:-
1) Pedestrian pathway
2) Where and how the pedestrian enters buildings (not necessarily your own only)
3) Car/ Motorcycle traffic (one-way or two-way/direction/crossroads/turnings)
4) Entry/Parking of vehicles (Any emergency stop points?)
*5) If flyovers, does the start of the rise interfere with entry/front facade visual appearance to adjacent buildings?

If you zoomed in on the pictures below, you'll be able to see traffic boundaries of one ways and turnings. Generally, Taiping's roads are fairly wide, it won't be too hard to deal with it if you have little changes. But precaution is always good... Singaporeans maybe known best for it... being DAMN kiasu. =) (We don't wanna be shot by the panelists now do we?)

Hope this helped...... also hoping someone was as un-smart as me to almost make the mistake so the post won't be useless haha =)


KS said...

wut's wrong with being kiasu lol..kiasu gives birth to properly thought out living environments.
i've been enjoying the effectivity & pleasure of sg's urban spaces.

n ya, what will be the height of ur building n how deep down will the basement(s) go? consider this concurrently with ur traffic reformation thingy.

ian ng said...

It's nice to have a few kiasu ppl on board cos it pushes the standard that much higher.

I do admire the thoroughness that you and some others are bringing to the project to the extent that town planning issues are considered more than are required for this program.

I'd suggest that you simplify the vehicular traffic problem for yourself by assumming that no new parking requirements are necessary. And incline yourself to accommodate in the main at an above-ground level to reduce the complication of vehicular patterns at street level.

The view's better up above, anyway.

I haven't the time to study your sketch in detail as I have to go to bed in a moment to wake up on time to go to Alexandria tomorrow. But keep going. It is potentially a scintillating scheme. No less important is the interstitial spaces where your new meets the old. No less important than how the routes intermesh to meet at your thing, I mean. Your assemblage, I mean.

Send my regards to Veron and Edward. My hp no roaming la..