Monday, 20 October 2008

Foster+Partners at Lenbachhaus Museum, Munich

In celebration of Foster + Partners’ forthcoming project to remodel and extend the "Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus", the museum is hosting an exhibition to preview the design for the Städtische Galerie and to explore a number of related works, which address the theme of working with history (historic buildings at many times). This strand of the practice’s work is rooted in a belief that a passion for structures from the past can coexist with a pleasure and anticipation for the architecture of the future.
Lenbachhaus, Munich
The design scheme for the museum reveals a dignified and sensitive addition to Franz von Lenbach's historic villa. A new entranceway and an opening towards the Propylees and adjacent Königsplatz strengthen the museum's relationship to the city, while the new Atrium space and a new visitor guidance system will provide the best possible environment to showcase the museum’s internationally celebrated collection.
As Norman Foster has written:‘The history of our cities is the history of change – each age produces its own vocabulary and makes it own mark. Similarly, in buildings that have evolved over time the original layers of history can often be understood more readily when seen alongside the new. Sometimes we have to explore the past to find inspiration for the future.’

highlighted is something i'd like to stress la..


ian ng said... well as his suggestion that LAYERS OF HISTORY can be perceived more readily when seen juxtaposed side by side with each other. Not parroting but narrating your own story your way, respectfully, always makes the most impact.

KS said...

thanks now i hav a more vivid idea of what this is actually about(what's needed next is to take up the pen n paper ya..)

A lot of times it's not that we don't know, but we just 'need' other ppl to confirm it (quoting joo @ 21th Oct), this one as well.