Sunday, 26 October 2008


I would recommend this play! Powerfully performed on absolutely relevant situations encountered by just about anyone who's vaguely human.

I caught the pre-premiere, and hope to catch it again in the forthcoming season @ KLPAC, 6-16 Nov 2008.

Check out the website of Footstool Players for more details, link in the reflection excerpt below.

" I think ultimately, every single person on this crazy planet is looking for love. Not just any old love, either; we want to be accepted as we are, we want to share ourselves with someone else without fear of rejection or ridicule, we want to have our intrinsic worth affirmed by someone who cherishes and cares for us, we want to connect with someone at the very deepest and most intimate level that two human beings can connect.
Watching the Footstool Players' Crazy Little Thing Called Love last night reminded me of this. So much emotion. You know love can bring lots of joy but can also lots of pain; there's potential for both as you make yourself vulnerable to another person."

(source:, accessed 950h, 26.10.08)

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