Wednesday, 22 October 2008

SITI & OMA - A Classic Love Story

I wish to express my gratitude to the following students who contributed content to my lecture, SITI & OMA - A Classic Love Story, this morning. They were, in the random order of the slides below, Kelvin Yong, Cheng Mao Yang, Jonathan Lim, Wong Ben Son, Tan Boon Ping, Thor Eu Ric, Nicholas Wong, Lee Sheng Hao, Lester Yong, Fong Yen Jin, Carey Ng, Ruth Dooley, Ong Jun Hao & Liew Wei Yang.

Comments are welcomed with thanks.


KS said...

i think a lot(or just a few) started to feel stressed, or rather not knowing whether should feel stress OR inspired after this lecture...
do u wana give some additional advice? which will probably assure/further encourage us?

ian ng said...

haha....take it easy, Man..

I know at least one who's inspired, who said so to me, and i'm sure there are a fair few more..haha

Not much more advice is required. You just have to tell yourself, "Hey! I can do that, too!"

Most of you have already got nice schemes. You just have to (quickly) draw it up fully in draft so we can tweak and twist it. Don't wait for the perfect scheme to form in your minds before putting it down on paper.

I see 4 potentially A+ schemes if those students can get everything in them right. And mind you, I haven't seen all the schemes in class.

potentially la

KS said...

"I see 4 potentially A+ schemes if..", a double-layered suspense again lol..

Btw hope many ppl sees this~ 2nd & 3rd paragraphs.

ian ng said...

You may wish to know that, splendid as all the schemes I showed are, no one in Studio 3 last sem scored an A+.

Will someone in Studio 3 this sem break the jinx? Who will she be?

We wait with bated breath..

KS said...

lol yeah i remember u said it's hard to score here.

ian ng said...

hard but not impossible.

at the moment only 3 ppl in the studio know how to score an A+