Thursday, 9 October 2008

Progress update (by 4th Oct)

After being shot down by Ian over msn that day...A whole new approach towards added issues of context, social & typological concept of the Market building.........

Followed by Ian's everlasting demands... n more demands...

endorphIAN says:but you should perhaps explore something more "open ended"

endorphIAN says:and indeterminate

endorphIAN says:where the boundaries are less defined

endorphIAN says:vague

endorphIAN says:unsettling

endorphIAN says:amorphous

endorphIAN says:undefined

endorphIAN says:you will then be playing with ambiences which are less "controlled" by precedence and precedents

endorphIAN says:and in that sense will "accept more ppl"

endorphIAN says:more types of ppl

endorphIAN says:something more democratic

endorphIAN says:At the spatial and morphology level it would be more dynamic (as opposed to static)

endorphIAN says:and therefore more engaging

endorphIAN says:My first comment is that if you gather all the spaces into a kinda overall cuboid confine

endorphIAN says:it will tend to read like a confined cuboid

endorphIAN says:learn from all the lessons of deconstruction

endorphIAN says:lose the cuboid

endorphIAN says:explode and twist and turn

endorphIAN says:and contort

endorphIAN says:break it la

advice listened to & understood..

The whole frame/matrix idea started off from my interpretation on the logical concept of territory/boundary/division within Market's open plan, which although is defined, yet vague to the max.

And now the structure STILL serves solely as the interpretation of boundary/gap/distance/enclosure etc. in this conceptual model.

What is probably to be done now is to take this 'matrix structure' further away from merely interpreting the original idea, to something more.. more possibilities...

Make it mean more, do more, add MORE.....

..well it's just what i think..
(written on 4th Oct, night)

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