Wednesday, 1 October 2008

4 varieties of Market re-arrangement

pic.1: highlighted area is where I propose to redevelop(basically rearrangements of existing buildings). Rearrangements are based on 3 conditions:
1. Connecting the boulevard,
2. Generating public square(s) spaces, &
3. Take away the Ugly Monument, Food court building & another recent-built free-standing building at the far right end.
P/S: just discovered that around 1971, they were thinking of converting the far right part of the highlighted zone into a public square sort of space, but duno why it ended up like today.

pic.2: option 1 & 2. Option 2 requires chopping across the market building, not really favourable.

pic.3: option 3 & 4, and an Adjacent Zones diagram.
I am thinking the new public square would go well with the food & shopping junction (indicated in green). far I favor Option 1 & 3, based mainly on traffic/access consideration.


ian ng said...

The only unchangeable thing is the can't be anything else except a boulevard.

And it makes the most sense for a boulevard to connect to a major public square. Option 4 is therefore defeatist.

On that count, Options 1 and 2 are also non-starters, 'cos the market building is still where the square wants to be.

You end up with Option 3 as the best of the 4 options.

The market buildings, as I've mentioned in class, are basically kit-of-parts buildings, easily dismantled and re-assembled, like traditional Malay houses you can purchase in Terengganu and re-assemble in your back garden in Tropicana Golf & Country Club (or such like.) So, that works to your advantage. Obviously, the less movement the better.

Carry on, and let's see the development.

Good thinking, Watson!

ian ng said...

I'm doing my own research now, so don't disturb me for the next 3 hours.

KS said...

watson?? who the hell?

KS said...

yeah agree..
although i am quite open to the location of a square, but
boulevard loses its significance in option4 & 1.
N the whole area is kind of losing central focus in option2.
Option3 may look a bit boring but things fall into place orderly, boulevard gains importance, n I get a whole big square do my things.
will continue with option3.