Thursday, 31 July 2008


This goes out to Khang Siang, Toby (nice name!) Hong Joo, Azleen, Lydia, Shi Qi, Yu Wei, Preshant, Samantha, Chze Yoon, Kian Ann, Daniel, Brian, Adisputra and Teck Hao.
This will probably be a fun run down the road of radical poetics (Lester, stop chuckling). With super duper massive storyboards at the finishing line. That's about 17 or so weeks' away--not near, not far, just waiting for us to get there. As a group: Hence the pact.
Believe me, you'll get more in the sum of all than in each of the parts. Hence the group. The Unit.
And thanks for the unanimous nod for the Pact of the Implicit--we all need that, even I. And as i said, it's not arbitrary or peculiar or subjective. It's got to do with experiencing what's not obvious, subtexts, and all the sensory stuff that make up the poetics of architecture.
Hence the Soft and Hairy House (isometric and pic illustrated.) Which incidentally is all about sex and love and parenthood and... ya, something of that sort.
I thought the few of you who presented your initial ideas yesterday (Wed) morning were pretty cool...concepts were cool, too. Looking forward to reading your prose or poetry. U can post me for quick comments if you wish, otherwise be prepared to read your piece on Monday. (Practise, pls. Like with passion and feeling?)
Pls join up when u receive an email invitation, and tell the 2 missing ones to email me pls.
Happy posting!

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