Thursday, 31 July 2008


As this blog only allows 100 authors max, i regretfully had to remove some to make room for newcomers. I followed the first in first out principle--no offence meant. HOWEVER, if you have been deleted but wish to be included again because you want to contribute, then just email me and i'll put u back in. CHEERS!


BADesign said...

ian.. this blog is studio2006taylors... y not start a sister blog.. studio2008 perhaps ? hahaha...

ian ng said...

how does a sister link work? seriously...
i'm continuing this for the wealth of info in the archives...u don't expect me to repeat myself every sem, do you?

Issac said...

haha, it's true~
anyway, old things must pass so that new thigns can come ^^
Cheers Ian ^^y
All the Best for Unit 1 !!! And the Coming New Units~

ian ng said...

my goodness, Issac--so deep, so deep..
but u guys are still very much in there, it'll take another 1.5 semesters before u're off the cliff..haha
neways i reckon ur sem will "always be there"--the most active so far. and i'd expect continued postings from u, esp. to lend ur senior wisdom to us still stuck here.
CHEERS, Kaki Botol!