Saturday, 12 July 2008


OK, Guys....last call....Deposit of RM2k with copy of your passport to be handed in to Shereen by Monday 14 July. Remainder payment to be up by 19 Sept. The rest is mystery....

...i mean the mystery of Egypt waiting for our discovery....

1922: A team led by archaeologist Howard Carter enters the antechamber of King Tutankhamen's tomb. Despite some evidence of ancient plundering, it is by far the best preserved of the Egyptian royal tombs.
Though they wouldn't enter the burial chamber itself until the following day, the entrance to the 3,300-year-old necropolis, with its royal seals intact, told Carter he had found what he'd been looking for since 1907.
Carter was fortunate to discover the tomb when he did, because he was just about out of chances. His benefactor, Lord Carnarvon, was short of money and losing patience and about to pull the plug on the project. Carter talked him into bankrolling a final season, promising to pay the costs himself if the dig came up empty.
The final dig began in earnest on Nov. 1. Three days later, workers tearing down a hut exposed the top of a staircase. Within three weeks the entire staircase had been excavated and Carter and Carnarvon found themselves standing in front of a plaster wall. Carter broke through the wall at about 4 p.m. on the 26th. King Tut had been found.
Carnarvon died shortly after the tomb was opened, giving rise to the so-called "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (italics by ian ng)

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