Saturday, 12 July 2008


Datum 2008: Met up with Wei Chii--one of the original Studio 2006 students! my first batch when i started tutoring in July 2006. One of the last ones to fly off! Haha..

Wei Chii , as you head for a new beginning in a new world, at Strathclyde, Bon Voyage! And have loads of fun in Scotland and all of Europe!

Here's an original poem for my First Batch, wherever you all are...

There is a time when you'll sigh
There is a time when you wish you could fly
There is a time when you will die.
But there is one thing that stays the same,
Your heart remembers your friends name by name.
There is a time when hearts will tie.
There are many worlds,
But they share the same sky.
(c) 2008 Mark Huang, 12 yrs.
Used with permission

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