Thursday, 31 July 2008

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OMGosh! We made the front page of Star Metro today!

(Pity it wasn't for a building award or something..)
2 Aug 08: Thanks Khang Siang for your interesting comments 4 & 5. Yup there are many who believe, like Schumacher, that Small is Beautiful. While mega is not necessarily bad, Schumacher made us think through our preoccupation with bigness and consumption.
a few quotes extracted from wiki:

Man is small, and, therefore, small is beautiful

"[A modern economist] is used to measuring the 'standard of living' by the amount of annual consumption, assuming all the time that a man who consumes more is 'better off' than a man who consumes less. A Buddhist economist would consider this approach excessively irrational: since consumption is merely a means to human well-being, the aim should be to obtain the maximum of well-being with the minimum of consumption. . . . The less toil there is, the more time and strength is left for artistic creativity. Modern economics, on the other hand, considers consumption to be the sole end and purpose of all economic activity."


Khang Siang said...

then wut's it about?
I don't have access to newspapers currently..

ian ng said...

ok u've got's up

Khang Siang said...
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Khang Siang said...

thanks a lot..
kinda hate the term 'mega scale' lately..
y the hell r they so obsessed with the size but not the quality??? (no generalization here btw)

hate it hate it..

Khang Siang said...

as well as the impact they maybe giving to the neighbourhood..they just don't care..

ian ng said...

my response inserted in the main post..

Khang Siang said...

yes...i remembered my boss telling me in order to be able to design a bangalow, you have to think like the super-rich. I imagined myself putting up fake smiles, promising the client 3 livings, 3 kitchens......n 10 guard houses!
Sometimes it freaks me out looking at the proportion of building size : family size

ian ng said...

some ppl DO need 3 living rooms (minimum)..all in a day's work.

Khang Siang said...

btw, what I saw was three large double volume living rooms, a bit too much for me. Pity their maids lol