Friday, 8 May 2009


Pin up on Tue 19 May 2009 BY 900h SHARP

Venue: Studios 8, 9 & 10, Level 3
(Who pins up in which studio will be advised later.)

Here are the MINIMUM outcome requirements.:

MINIMUM OF 3 PIECES A1 SIZE - May be in 3 separate A1 panels or one long banner. If you choose to do one long banner you are advised to line them up in portrait layout.

Site plan of a suitable scale for clarity
All Floor and Roof plans 1: 100 minimum
2 sections of similar scale to the plans
4 exterior rendered perspectives
2 interior rendered perspectives

The above, I must stress, are the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM content requirements. If you show only the absolute minimum then you must have a spell binding super comprehensive and entertaining VERBAL PRESENTATION memorised and ready to go. Please use your discretion as to whether to go beyond the minimum.

In toto, the panel and your verbal presentation should demonstrate a clear and indepth understanding of the brief, the discussions during the course of the tutorials (especially the characteristics and qualities of Ipoh and your chosen site) and a reasonably acceptable argument for the building program/function you are proposing.

The usual mild advice: the less written text on your panels the better; if in doubt label everything that will help you tell your story efficiently; viewabilty will be from a distance of 6m to 600mm; be stylish, be confident, smile frequently.

Any queries, direct to Keith Tan, or post here.

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