Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mr Ian's Visitor Interpretive Centre in Malacca


ian ng said...

hahahahahah....tx Sam..
i meant email them to me, not post them on the blog ...hahahahahah.. but fine, too. Tx lol

BADesign said...

are those two things at the end suppose to be part of the building in the middle of town ?

ian ng said...

yup...one's an example of a gallery-on-the-trail, and these are infill installations in all those leftover, in-between spaces along Jonker Street.

the other, at the end, is the new gateway to the old gateway to the walled city. The intention is to stretch the idea of an entrance into a continum--in this case an historical continum--by stretching the actual spatio-physical entrance itself: stretching or reimagining or breaking or whatever way you may like to see it. In character it will be a reinterpretation of the PURPOSE OF THE WALL. The original purpose was to separate, divide and rule, intimidate, self-preserve, control, colonise. The new would be to welcome, include, and communicate.

The Centre is thus a merging of heritage trail, museum in the real, gallery of the protagonists, and iconoclast.

ocaender said...

rejuvenative megalomania?

BADesign said...

like that curvy calatrava like thing in the middle.. but those other 2 things at the end look like another 2 students designed those.. haha..

really like that swirling sculpture in the middle la..

ian ng said...

haha...the swirling thing is actually (intended, anyway) a tensegritic composition made up of laterite stone and stainless steel wires...a kinda explosion of the old wall thingey before the fallout settles neatly into their role as cobblestones.

The 2 end thingeys--haha--were done in 5 minutes while Veron was criting the 2nd last scheme of the morning...haha. Had to rush so that i got a crit too. Lol!

But they've got their own "deep" story, too...Hehe..visceral la..

ian ng said...

oh dear!
...er, yes..to rejuvenate you often need megalomania..at least in the mind, as an impetus, a driving force

the thing is..how to calm the execution down so that at most it inspires and does not intimidate. And somewhere in between the 2 extremes is 'entertains'.

in any case all the mentioned effects are better than 'displays lameness'.