Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Unit 1, I gather that most of you have zeroed in on a favourite site and have worked out a 600 sm schedule of accommodation (without killing yourselves fastiduously.)

From the last tutorial I think almost all of you already have potentially interesting programs that go to address the whole idea of a "synergestically multi-use place for a regenerative stab at Ipoh". ...~sigh~ Why can't we have simpler briefs..?

We'll do a unit presentation thingey with sketches and/or 1:500 models tomorrow. All get ready by 1300h, pin up in OUR unit base. We'll kick off with a review of what's up, then proceed to individual presentations and discussion. I'll then see anyone individually if that's desired.

I do believe we've taken off! By Tue next week we'll be ready to face the world.

See you!

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