Tuesday, 17 March 2009


The follwing students were voted onto the MOST DOTTED list by their colleagues and tutors yesterday.

Watch out for their development for the forthcoming INTERIM SUBMISSION (graded) next week!

DARREN THAM : The Modified Car Gallery : 3 DOOOTS

ZAKI MAGHFUR : The Skateboard+ Centre : 3 DOOOTS

CHOI QIAN PEI : The...er...Political Dynamite Centre : 3 DOOOTS

CHEW KEAT YEANG : The Ipoh Coffee Centre : 3 DOOOTS

GO CHUN YEE : Michele Yeoh Gallery : 3 DOOOTS

NG WEI JIN : The Pre-U Centre : 4 DOOOOTS

DAPHNE KUA: The Columbarium : 4 DOOOOTS
NG WAI SIE : The Merbok Back Lane Memorial: 4 DOOOOTS

TANG LI QUN : The Starlight Cinema : 4 DOOOOTS


AARON LAU : The Photographic & Digital Art Centre: 5 DOOOOOTS

ONG SHIEN CHII: Memorial Centre for the Japanese Occupation (and Liberation?) : 6 DOOOOOOTS

CHIA JUN WAI : The Country Club : 7 DOOOOOOOTS
TAM HUEI LIQ : The Roller Skating Place : 8 DOOOOOOOOTS


LuvEiEi said...

Hahaha, wad with all the dots dots? so funny

Blu3_Darren said...

actually there can be more interesting ideas to be shared by more people.

Around 5 stickers extra wasted on Jun Wai and Huei Liq both victims.

(some people didnt wanna present and distribute the stickers they got to other people's project)


KS said...

lol ian u posted this up with so much uncertain information! what's with the '???' n etc. ?

ian ng said...

i din take any notes..
those who know pls insert here for either KS and me to edit in..Tx!

democracy is like that la...everyone is free to use their vote in any way.

but for those who got stickers on their schemes and pulled them off to stick on others...then not so good la

ian ng said...

Edited with corrections and additional info.
Pls let me know if there are any more mistakes and I'll put it right.

Will we be seeing you at our interim show next thurs, EiEi?

LuvEiEi said...

OH yea!! I asked Alvin to let me have half day off d, HAHAHA, and you know what he said?

Alvin: Ask Ian to come and ask me 1st. *laughing*

EiEi: errr, >_< hahahaha xD

LuvEiEi said...

Don't tell Alvin about this okie! SHHHHHH :x

ian ng said...

And the lunch treat? Told him, too?
Lagi jealousla he...lol

LuvEiEi said...

will he be jealous?? hahaha, i don't think so. 12pm rite?

ian ng said...

er....i think that's being arranged by K and A.
i haven't been informed yet