Friday, 27 March 2009


Unit 1 of Dip Studio 3, based on your submissions yesterday there appears to be the following generic building types (and their sub genres) being tackled.

Gallery (trade skill, place, person, architecture, people group, & food)
Culture Centre (dance)
Recreation Centre (music, children, educational, elderly, wheeled)
Sports Centre (wheeled)
Entertainment Centre

Some have, of course, submitted hybrid types.

For a 600 sq.m. of all the above building types you would almost invariably need the following spaces and utilities:

Entrance Lobby
Admin Office and staff facilities
Toilets for visitors (min requirements: Male with 3 basins, 3 urinals, 2 cubicles, & Female with 3 basins, 3 cubicles)
Staff toilets/w.c. and
Storage, Cleaners' facilities, Mech & Elec room(s)

The rest of the space requirements that make up the 600 sq.m. will then depend on your specific program and sub-genre. And it will also depend on how u synergise with the surroundings for shared space, etc.

FOR THE FORTHCOMING TUTORIAL ON TUE, assess your scheme against comments received from yesterday's presentation and this posting. Bring your A1 panels and models. We'll have a 45min group discussion starting at 1315h (DON'T BE LATE) followed by individual tutorials. We'll make the sequence when we meet. No pre-bookings required.

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