Friday, 27 March 2009


Does this look familiar to you?
Yes, it is my interim presentation model.

I went to college this morning not just to return a book and also to take back my presentation model so that I can up grade it for my further design. So, the first place that I drop off is studio obviously, the first impression when I when into studio was, WOW so clean (uncle Nava and 3 cleaner was sitting in the studio), at the wow time, I know that there is something wrong about the wow, studio are not suppose to be that clean as our home…after one minute, I started to ask the cleaner, WHERE IS MY MODEL? And I turn around to the dustbin as usual as logic reaction, OH NO…my poor little model, it was folded into half and squeezed inside the green rubbish bin. OMG, not just mine was inside the rubbish bin, some of our zone analysis panels, models, and interim panels as well.

I know the cleaner won’t do that, because I know they won’t touch or throw anything which is on top of the table. So I started to question…the cleaner said her boss ask her to clean up everything. So I went down to talk to the manager of PRD, Mr. Jefferson. The feedback that I get from him was he didn’t tell the cleaner to touch the thing on the table (okay, there is a miss-communication between the employee and employer).

AS I KNOW…through out the conversations between the cleaner and Mr. Jefferson.
1. Studio 7 and 6 (the big studio) is rated as the dirtiest studio ever (student was complain about the studios are dirty by the evaluation feedback)…of cause la 3 batches of students are using the same studio, what you expect o?

2. In the college policies, the object which is on top of the table will not be touch by the cleaner, where else the stuff that are under the table will be throw away.
3. The cleaner are very clear that our studio are use to be that messy because we are doing model, but I think Mr. Jefferson didn’t know that.

Please throw away materials that you are not going to use. You can just leave it on the floor. Please throw away your empty water bottle, can and food container into the rubbish bin. Just a simple and small action will make our uncomfortable studio a little bit more friendly and to avoid more victims.

I already saved whatever I can, Clement and Rebecca your model are saved but is all screwed up, and I know some of you lost your interim panel also because you left your panel on the table. Luckly that i went to college today and reach studio at the right time, if not all our stuff will gone.


ian ng said...

Thanks qp for this very necessary post. I'm sorry to hear about ur model: it was one of the most effective models of the presentation.

If it was indeed the supposed miscommunication that resulted in the destruction then an official apology from the Cleaning Dept is required, seeing that the damage has already been done.

Ur message should be heeded by all, and I'll ask Keith to bring this up on Tue. I have complained once before that there should be a more intelligent spread of the different studios between the 3 rooms available to us. The little room (Karlson's Unit) shocked me yesterday by being clinically clean! Should it not "take its share" of our corporate mess? But it looks like nothing much has been done. Another complaint is due.

As a matter of interest, was EVERYTHING cleared away? Including the Studio 4 models on the floor?

qpei said...

studio 4 site models are still not gone yet, the models are being stack up in one of the corner, what i know that, the cleaner also quite hesitate whether want to throw away those site model, because was all mix up and overlapping each other. Actually i am also very curious about whether they still want to keep the model or not.

the cleaners also told me that, actually they plan to ask the lecturers but sometimes they scared to disturb the class and the lecturers will get angry.

Our site model is still there, but some of the studio 4 first project was gone too.

ian ng said...

thing is..why were models and dwg ON THE TABLES discarded and models ON THE FLOOR kept?

qpei said...

big things always give ppl a mindset that is very important, small things are always be something what is left over, or something that is redundant.

ian ng said...

probably a big problem of ppl with small minds

KS said...

are there design communication (or other studios) classes going on in our studios as well? if there are, then occasionally they need to use the Drafting Tables, I reckon that's why things on the table were cleared away n others not.
Perhaps it's really not the cleaner's problem.

KS said...

n that was why my studio's (still needed) models ended up at a corner, on the floor...?
I guess some of them gone too T.T

qpei said...

KS, your model ended up in the floor is because it is so huge and we cant even communicate with each other or see each other when we were sitting right beside the table, is not the design communication ppl porblem.

KS said...

haha i am sorry for that, u are half right.
what u guys moved were only half, the other half were moved by ourselves precisely because of the designcom/studio1's request.

Blu3_Darren said...

Hey guys, I have some important thing to say, which you guys, might need to refer to Gordon and Li Qun.

What I heard from them today was, that day they stayed in college till quite late, when they returned to studio from digital lab, they saw a bunch of not-our-studio-people "having party" there.

I really not sure what had happened.
But more details have to ask Li Qun and Gor.

ian ng said...

Yes, the tutors saw them, too, after our moderation. As we were going home we peeked into the main studio. I saw at least 3 ppl. Fraid i din accost them as i thot they were Juniors.