Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Study Models, Please

U5ers at our crit this morning would have seen how indisputably (this word's for Issac) useful models are for discussing ideas. So please present one for discussion on Thurs.

With the models it was easy to assess how successfully the designs handled the programmatic requirements of this project, how well they orchestrated the 3 main functions, and how well the routings through the building worked. And, more, how new ideas suddenly popped up--like Kelvin's amphitheatre seating on the roof, or the triple waves instead of a single wave in Hwa Lik's "wavy" building. Govin's sculptural form enclosing 3 clear, yet complex and varied but unified, spaces was clearly shown in the quickie models, and only need detailed development along those same lines.

So get those fingers working!

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