Thursday, 17 January 2008

Unit 5 Kicks Off!

Welcome to Unit 5!

Frederick, Kelvin, Hwa Lik, Pei Ei, Carey, Euric, Jessmine, Govin, Sunil, Mee Kei, Hui Lih and Issac, it was good chatting for the first time this afternoon. I appreciate your sharing your individual agendas (some quite personal) and hope you appreciate mine, too. We'll just have to do it together. I think we can do it.

Just to recap, for your meet-up with Veron next Tue, the aim is to show evidence of a thorough "analysis of trade". (See your brief.)

Make full use of the tutorial by researching thoroughly. Visit some trades over the weekend if you can. The points I mentioned this afternoon were:
  1. Its history
  2. Processes of the trade
  3. architectural responses and accommodation
  4. social significance
  5. essence, special quality and "beauty" of it
  6. your personal connection to it

Your main task is to convince everybody that the trade you've chosen or shortlisted is in fact a "disappearing" trade needing your attention. And that needs a sound argument based on your research. Would be good to support your argument with tangible outcomes--pics, quotes, data, statistics, text. Do a "prove-and-sell" presentation.

And complement that with some conceptual proposals (wild ideas) on what you're interested in exploring for the 3 spaces.

Have fun! I'll see you on Thursday and look forward to checking out your first stabs at study models and sketches and stuff.

(Would be good if someone can inform Sieu Theng about the happenings.)


LuvEiEi said...

Mr. Ian, thanks for the info, looking forward to see you on this coming Thursday. ^_-

ian ng said...

My pleasure.. I can't wait for Thursday, either!