Saturday, 26 January 2008

Interim Review coming Tue

(Ooops... thot this message had been published. Hence my last sms might have been baffling. Sorry...)

Just a gentle reminder that Tues' interim review should be treated like a trial run of the final submission from the point of view of coverage. Show all items you intend to present on the final day, in its rough and ready form. Don't bother about being too fine or final.

You'd need to, at the least, have all the plans and at least 2 sections---freehand's good as long as it's to scale. And either a study model or lots of 3-d sketches---preferably both. (Put the words aside for a while, ok? We can come back to that later.)

I know some of you are still sorting out all the ideas flying about and fighting with each other up there. But to win the war in the end, you'd just have to kidnap some---now---and put them up for interrogation on Tue. They might not be the "big one" you're after, but chances are they will cough up enough to lead you to it.

IT, I guess, is what we're all after.


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