Sunday, 3 February 2008


And before I get too caught up with the preparations and all...Here's wishing all Chinese bloggers HAPPY CHEESENESE NEW YEAR!!

Have loads of fun and red ones, but don't forget the forthcoming submission of Thurs 14 Feb. ....sigh!... I know, but that's how it is. You've all put in a lot of concentration at the crits so don't let yourselves down with a poor show.

Please treat Tuesday's presubmission review as a "full dress rehearsal." Pin up the full works, even if some bits are not 100% finished. It's important that we are able to see the whole picture, and you test run your verbal presentation, so we can tweak things. And I can suggest places to revise or refine before the real show on Thurs.

From last Thursday's Points of View crit, I'd say the following:
  1. I'd like to commend those who responded to my call for study models--especially those who already had one on Tue and came up with another on Thur. We all saw how concrete our discussion was when we did a comparative analysis of the models. Let's keep up this habit.
  2. Other than Carey's and perhaps Kelvin's and Govin's, the models were largely visceral, showing an intention of the kind of spatial composition desired. To take it to the next stage you have to start organising the internal spaces with walls, floors, ramps, stairs, roofs, structure, etc. all the architectonic elements to make it into a real building that we can walk through.
  3. Remember our Points of Views, and you won't go far wrong.


  • Carey, make your entrance a more "happening" place. As this is a gathering-space and a first-impression-space it has to make an impact. (This applies to everybody when you get to it.)
  • Issac, I like the frames in your first model. It had a great deal of potential. Overall the first model was more interesting, exciting.
  • Kelvin, what happened to the amphitheatre?
  • Hwa Lik, don't give up the waves. Just use them to compose your internal spaces. Play with the waves. Waves suggest a rolling motion. Don't be so serious, ok?
  • Sunil, origami is fine. Think about folds and folding. There's a lot of that in architecture.
  • Fred, nhuh?
  • HL, ST, G, JL, PE, ER & MK you all already have very workable proposals! Just go for it!

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