Monday, 4 February 2008


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & HOLIDAYS to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian, this is a very vague and simple pic(editing from photoshop) beside which is showing the outdoor amphitheatre u were mentioned in last tutorial class .. so .. ive kinda changed the circulation .. ( Entrance would be still the same "Exhibition&Gallery - outdoor exhibition - either go down into workshop and retail or go up to the outdoor amphitheatre through the stair-like structure to the roof top .. and i have measured the height of the structures accordingly to scale, it wont be an issue ..



ian ng said...

This is good...very good!

The building feels alive, as if it's partnering the lions in a dance! The rythms of the building-form are what make this customised building strong in identity and poetics. Now, you must make it better.

Extend the performance stage as much as you can. Would be nice if the lions could come all the way down to the central courtyard (maybe along the the inner radius, extending from the staircase downwards. You'd get some kind of spiralling route.) It would also be nice if you give them a "stage exit" somewhere behind the tall, tower-like part of the building at the back-centre, to give the sense that the lions possess the whole building.

Give some thought to the safety of performers and spectators (without compromising the simplicity of the stage set.)

The entrance porch/foyer is still not very clear. It needs to be a distinct space. Covered porches can be treated as extra areas over and above the 300 sq.m. (All, please note.)

Remember that the use of the entire building as a stage set is a kinda bonus because of the trade you've chosen. The building should still be tested for how well it works to meet the requirements of the building program, which, I'm sure, you'll be tackling with equal tenacity.

ian ng said...

I meant "inner circumference", not "inner radius". And, incidently, the layout doesn't want to be too perfectly circular so that it's less predictable.