Monday, 31 May 2010

What images to show??

Hey guys and girls.

I could really see some of you all are struggling to present your design scheme in images that best describe what your building is all about.

Forget about the exterior image of your building for a moment. Ask yourself "What sorta spatial quality does my building have that I should show to the external crit?" Don't get me wrong here..exterior image is also important. It shows a lot on how your building sits onto the site and how it fits into context but it shouldn't be the main focus.

As what Khang Siang has mentioned in his previous comments "if this is about religion..I guess you ought to focus on displaying images that show the religious sides of your buildings"..that's exactly what you guys need to do! What makes your design scheme so special and different from others are those spaces inside it!

I'm gonna share a little of my studio work I did in Melbourne Uni. I won't be elaborating much about my work here. There's still some refinements that has to be done for my final submission. My studio theme is all about Atmosphere and we had to design a building that is a centre for climate cognition. My building functions as a weather museum that has a photo gallery, exhibition spaces and also a meditation space.

Each student has their own unique spatial devices that drives the design scheme which we got off from our workshop phases. Mine particularly was about the tension of spaces through instability.

The two images below are my community space. The contour wall was a direct representation of my external form, as well as what I thought would portray the tension of the spaces within my building (bull$h!t!ng your way tru ur ideas are very important! The crit bought my idea! =P )

The image below was kinda the best image that portrays what my building is about, hence I blew it the biggest in my board.

The photo gallery. Walls coming off from ceiling and side walls. This was one of my weakest space I had in my scheme. I directly copied the exact idea from my workshop outcome..which is good and bad. Good cuz that's what the Melbourne module wants you to do..progress our work based on our workshop phase...bad cuz it wasn't anything extraordinary...a copy and paste work.

My exhibition space. One of the strongest part of my scheme. Box floors extruded upwards at different height. The lightings from the box makes the floor seems floating and instable (a whole lot of stuffs about this spaces. wont talk about it here)

Hmmm..that's roughly what I would show to my external crit that would best describe what sorta spaces i have inside my building.

For the exterior..I think one good montaged image of your building onto the site which shows accessibility and site context is good enough.

Oh yeahh..a good section of your building do help a lot too in explaining what your scheme is about. If you have time, do a sectional perspective or an exploded axono (no problem to those sketchup people). Gaya to the max man! =)


Anonymous said...

Impressive, Dan...It's atmospheric--and that's the main thing. I like your sparing use of colour. Very much an internal piece of architecture. Wonder how it relates to the site and surroundings... Presumably the patchy walls are meant to be textural, or is it just misty all round?

- DaNieL - said...

It's just misty all around.

But then again...this is what my tutor meant when he said "A good render should be detail enough to show our idea and not too detail to allow room for imagination" can be for textural. Anyway my walls are meant to be plain concrete =)

KS said...

daniel u always seem so enthusiastic after u've gone to melb! which is great, ofcoz.. envying your motivations.

when dan said focus on the interior spatial qualities, you should understand it's when the internal spaces play most important parts in your architecture; and ofcoz, architecture is not only about the interior. Do your own judgement.

For example, Felix's image. I duno what he thinks but the image has given me an impression of interesting exterior spaces formed by the building outline, the uneven contour, etc. For that, I would definitely love to see more of those exterior spatial qualities. Relationships between the interior, building profile, buffer, and context.
Anyway, don't get confused, always draw back to your subject: religion.
gosh I said too much.

- DaNieL - said...

yeahh thats right khang siang.

need to learn how to make our own judgements. I guess at the end of the day, show images that represent your whole scheme at its strongest point!

I think coming to melb has been one of the best thing that has happen to me. I got really inspired here, partly thanks to the history subject that has been taught over here.

The biggest regret was not being so enthusiast about architecture in my Taylor-hood days. Don't make the same mistake as me guys!