Friday, 28 May 2010


Tue 1 June 2010 promises to be an exciting day with awesome displays! Don't miss it!

Work in progress.....

jacky yong

jacky yong

harry tjoe (by moonlight)

jonathan wong

jonathan wong

chew pui cheng

jonathan tan


felix saw


KS said...

if this is about religion..I guess you ought to focus on displaying images that show the religious sides of your buildings.
i can feel it in felix's image, probably some indescribable essence in its form. i can also imagine the spaces around the building being interesting.
to take it further, i'd like to see its surrounding & accessibility.

- DaNieL - said...

kinda agree is ks.

forget about showing how your building looks like..people would be more interested in how your spaces inside looks like.

I think in general..most of you guys posted images that practically doesn't justify your whole scheme. Hope you guys can work quickly and have one or two 'killer' images that can justify your whole scheme on your presentation board.

felix's image somehow reminded me of le corb's chapel in france, Notre Dame du Haut. I'm really interested to see what sorta spaces you have inside.

KS said...

daniel's right. don't waste ur space ur money ur ink on images that rly show nothing, nothing at all. some spaces are rly not important and it's enough to see them on plan, need not render.

notre dame du haut, lol. rly??
i tot it looked buddhist..

Felix said...

oh no. its a hindu temple. hahahahahahaha.

KS said...

so it's Asian, I win!