Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Pavilion

Semester3 second project

------- "Pavilion"

The basic material forms not only a glue-laminated envelope

but also the main structure and furniture of the pavilion.

The pavilion is embedded into the ground, or maybe it's growing out of it,
or maybe it's like the driftwood of time, washed up by the river.


Richard Lee said...

if you are looking to frame views or "spy" on sungai lembing, duncha think ur pavi should be rotated 180 degree then? i can understand the perforation u have made in the form, they are the 'frame' the views, rite? cos reading from your section, ur visitors sees the river clearly with no 'frame' or niche to 'spy'.. which makes me curious how does ur framing even works..

perhaps if you are going in the lines of a driftwood, you should just envelop the whole area like a tube? then as one walks past they will definitely be passing thru 'frames' of time capturing moments thru movement.

but then again, a driftwood of this proportion? perhaps a lil too much?

anyhow you have shown no indication of materials and site context (maybe just a lil in ur section) so its hard to tell how does it fit in.

is it gonna be a part of the terrain cladded in rotten timber? or an alien non-place realm of mirror cladded portal trying to capture the essence of the sence of place at sungai lembing?

something to think about perhaps?

KS said...

looks very at one with the landscape model, but not sure about the real landscape.. too dynamic and insecure for a resting space. but these aren't important it's just my personal feeling.

very good concept but probably not carried through strong enough. the extent of 'framing' is overwhelmed by the impression of 'dissolving'. and why are these frames facing your back when you'd spend most of your time looking at/across the river?

but I have to say your model-making technique is unbelievable! may I know how long did u spend doing this? Shit I have a lot to catch up with..

Kelvin said...

KS: It spend me five hours to make the model.

Richard Lee: Thanks for ur comments.:) Actually I try to create more voids rather than just wrap the space up.So.... Anyway, I will improve it further in my final project - museum.

ocaender said...

I take it the 'framing' is of the town behind the pavilion instead of the river the pavilion is facing.

Don't think its out of proportion. The size might make the distinction between a proper pavilion and some objet trouve when taking into account your non-uniform material choice and the holes it makes.

I like the first pic of the model with the shadows. Imagine it animated woot.
Works well with the description of driftwood of time. Swirly.