Monday, 9 February 2009

Taylor's University College Convocation 2009 | 0601/3/7 P

You and I will meet again,
When we're least expecting it,
One day in some far off place,
I will recognize your face,
I won't say goodbye my friend,
For you and I will meet again..

Saturday, 7th February 2009, it’s the day we wore graduation robes and received the scroll on stage from Taylor’s chairman.

Wow! I can't believe it. 3 years college life is officially over. We did it. We graduated. All of a sudden, I'm having all these responsibilities shoved onto my back.

Final year was both the best and worst year of college. It was definitely the most fun!! These really are some of the best days of our life, and I know that, and I love all of the friends I have met here.

Graduation, it by FAR exceeded my expectations, if you know someone who is graduating soon or really anything special, just know HOW MUCH your thoughts are appreciated.

And I just feel like adulthood is coming far too quickly. There are too many changes. I hope we all can handle it...

P/S: All the best to those who are leaving to Australia soon. Best of Luck!!

By LuvEiEi Class of 2008


ian ng said...

Yeah, the years must have just flashed past. Halfway, y'all are. 3 down, 3 more to go. And it gets better, I can assure you. But harder, too la..haha.

You will all do just fine, Ei, you sure can handle anything that's thrown ur way: Of that I have no doubt. Cos you all were the most kiasu lot I've ever come across--and you all survived each other! So surviving the world will be no problem!

Haha...but by the same token, you tested each other's true self, the limits of each other's tenacity. And the bonding that comes out of that process is gonna bind you together for a long time to come. So your opening verse is quite appropriate: Say not Goodbye.

One day from some far off place,
I will recognize your face,
I will look and look and look,
and say, Aiya, thank God for facebook

Thanks my dear Luv, for posting these splendid photos. You all look so good!

L i Y i n said...

lol Ian!!

Thought can meet you that day! :(

eeee most kiasu lot?!?! O_O"..thankfully we did not end up sabotaging each other :)

Let us all keep in touch in Facebook :)

ian ng said...

Yalor..kesian I couldn't make it.
Hahahah....all the caring friendly kiasu battles were actually good for u

You r the only one who still managed to look like a beauty queen all the way to the coronation...oops..I meant graduation (Look at the last photo) hehe..

Be in touch..b in touch..always!