Friday, 6 February 2009

Put your hands to good use!

Hey guys! Due to ian's request, I'm more than happy to share a multimedia presentation technique that is both witty and interactive. A bunch of us seniors invented our own share after being inspired here and there and did this animation which was Taylor's competition entry to the PAM Camp held in USM Penang last year. We came off second place which was a little surprise, haha, not bad for a three-day project huh.

The brief for the competition was "Does architecture expire?" The animation basically summarized our take on the phrase.

We were actually inspired by the power of details. No doubt this sort of animation could be done using certain Flash softwares. We initally wanted to do the animation based on actual 1:1 furniture and human figures. Time and cost were the issues then. So instead we constructed every miniature model and then arranged them manually by hand, giving us full control to expand our storyline and concept. Being Enid Blyton for a day was seriously fun!

You may have seen similiar techniques used in the famous HP Notebook commercials or other creative videos on Youtube, like below:

Thing is, design ideas can come in macro or micro sizes. We've always looked at the bigger picture as that's how most people perceive design outputs. But hey, ideas come in all sizes! Scrutinize your sofa linen & look at how it is formed, or pluck a strand of your hair and see how strong it is. Mix them both and who knows, you may have created a breakthrough ultra-strong skin for the facade of a skyscraper!

Rafael Nadal's numero uno fan.

(p/s sometimes computers, sketchup or photoshop are no match to doing stuff manually!)

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KS said...

there's not much sense of size in this video even when the fingers came in, it doesnt express how mini they are. What u achieved was the enjoyable details n varieties.

agree wif ur tiny p/s. Manual stuffs are often so much more powerful, n enjoyable.