Friday, 6 February 2009


Malihom, Penang, is a study in tactile architecture (designed and developed by its architect-owner) that's realised through a fusion of the memories and craftsmanship of the Thai vernacular and a supreme consciousness of the freedoms afforded by the Modern Movement.

Amazing sunsets everyday.

A no-frills, no-quotation-of-the-vernacular in the flyaway, metal canopy that caps the lookout tower constructed in fairface brick.

Powder room set into the silo-like, viewing tower. Fascinating dovetailing of the timber door into the brick courses!

Cantilevered, checkerplate treads - a relaxed amalgamation of Industrialtech.

Waved sheets for rigidity.
Almost a total importation of the Thai rice barn.

A real quotation this time: the infinity pool, with Buddha sentinels and recycled railway sleepers (and raindrops on the water skin.)
A thoroughly enjoyable tea for my family, friends and me last December!
At the other end of the affordability scale compared to Adeline's Resort in Gopeng (see my earlier posting) but, ironically, born of the same architectural approach. There's much in the message here.

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