Saturday, 13 September 2008

Random pics

I guess this will be my first post in this studio blog.

Here are some pics that I took during Studio 3's Taiping trip.


No Parking

Superman's telephone booth


zhou yi - yan ee(is that how I spell her name?) - sam

Back alley

sam & charlene

joo emo-ing

pork satay! where on earth can you find that back in KL?

The touching moment

old bike

old man



The interior

Natural lighting

azrul meditating

joined by the whole group later on


mr ian does what he do best

love this shot

the monks call this doggie "ah boy"

they didn't want to pose for my camera at first..

..but finally they wanted to. One camera ain't enough for them I suppose

chi ming checking himself out

the path taken

groupie shot!

Overall I did enjoy myself in Taiping though it is a boring place!!! The people I went with made it memorable and yeahh..thx guys!

Okay larh..time to watch liv vs mu.
The score is now Liv 1 - 1 MU.
Eat my shoes liv.
Don't kill me =D


Khang Siang said...

beautiful pics oo

ian ng said...

yeah! nice pics..and subtly done up, too. jolly good show!

i keep telling myself, hope all this turns out as fine poetics in their