Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Unit 1, here's what we discussed this morning.

The Great Fire - Exploit the emotions and the intrinsic and extensive qualities of the basic element to “colour” your building.
The Love Affair of the 3rd War

Leader of the Hai San - Choose the most interesting period with the greatest impact on Taiping to drive your design.
Captain Speedy
Long Jaafar

Market Square - Is your centre to be at or next to the actual place?
Railway Station
Taiping Prison
Port Weld
- Is there enough interesting content in that place to warrant a visitor centre?
Taiping Airport
Clock Tower

Sabtu Santai - Are we still celebrating it now? If so, what’s the big deal?

It would be a bonus if your centre revolutionises the town planning of Taiping. But, if not, it’s ok to be a neat and respectable (read dynamic) insertion into the urban fabric.

Miraculously, our little joint exercise in deriving a mean schedule of accommodation for a typical visitor centre came up to 607 sq.m! Somebody post the list please, for everybody’s benefit. Remember, it’s only a guide and will have to be adapted as you design.

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