Monday, 30 April 2012

Arming for a Future

Lecture for 1st Year Architecture, Unitec College of Technology, Auckland.
1 May, 2012


Bentuckee said...

what kind of future? :p

ian ng said...
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ian ng said...

haha...ur the 2nd person to ask me.

the lecture was designed to encapsulate thots that came up on engaging with our current 1st Yr project involving the design of an armature to contain and measure styrofoam of various shapes.

A fascinating project, very hands on, with the making of bass wood modules that went to make up base units for constructing the operable armature.

Outcomes of the learning process would ideally have been the understanding of how to scale the module to respond in an 'integer' fashion and to demonstrate dexterity of design so that the module was 'infinitely adaptable' in all directions to pick up the salient characteristics of the form or the foam. It was a neat exercise in modularity and the identifying of frames of reference for design.

The purpose of the lecture was to illustrate my own reflections on the pedagogy of the project and its relevance in generating skillful thinking that the students can each take into their separate future practice. Hence 'a' future, rather than 'the' future.

And all that has now led to the present project on descriptive geometry which will be presented tomorrow. Am looking forward to it.

Hope your thesis is going well. Any future for it? lol