Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Dip Studio 3 (my unit) :

Yeah, it was a good show this afternoon. Pity about missing the two big Js, who were ill.

All schemes shown were workable and addressing the right, and good, design questions. None need be abandoned. Just got to take them further, examine all the further possibilities within the plans you've odi started. Some need to freak out--go wild, make your schemes more 'radical', try the untested--you know who you are. There's still time to do that.

For Thursday bring along a few scanned images of buildings that capture the sort of architectural quality you're after. Develop your scheme a bit more, whatever you can manage (which means a full set of plans, sections and quickie elevations) [Stacie, finish your model as well:) ] And be prepared to talk about how well your building fits onto your site.

Look forward!

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