Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Well, it's done! And it wasn't too bad either, was it?

Well done All!

Last minute preparations before the 930h show....like still preparing at 910h!

.... finishing touches to the model or what?

Khang Siang bows to his stunner

Hamilton shows the way

Don't pose, can or not?

Heavy stuff from Teck Hao

"Here's how you present with sign language." (Mr Choy, Karlson & Sze Kee)

Commemorative Centre to Rain in Taiping [I mean the watery sort, not the Korean Singer.](Chze Yoon)

Datuk Kamil Merican, CEO of GDP Architects Sdn Bhd

The tall and short of it... (Chi Ming &....er..er...someone)

"Black is in." (According to some.) (Hong Joo)

One of the 2 prison presenters (Way Wen)

David goes pink. (Pink is also in)

Er.... New clock tower for old! ....for Taiping

Lakshmi hopes and prays for the best

Kwan Kin wonders...

The Jolly Gang was there...

So was the Naughty Boys' Gang...

Danial casts his spell...

Azleen dishes out a relaxing show

Sheikh grabs his chance

Who's surprised by what, eh? (Van Yenn)

Joseph makes full use of our Taiping model
Er....are the grades the joke...or what? (Kid, Karlson & Veron)

Hotshot confuses, I mean impresses, the Datuk

Minimalism can also be worn (Samantha)

Stressing a point....or stressing out Hotshot?

Joseph pulls the crowds,

& entertains, too!

Suja needs a massage after seeing all those schemes

Kamil actually said, "I am impressed!"

Summing up... at the end of a long, 3 week slog

Khang Siang isn't impressed


KS said...

y o y.... must u upload the last one?
that was few hours later lorr....

ian ng said...

cos everyone was feeling the same thing u were experiencing right then..so u represented everyone la...it's a kinda symbolic iconic thing.

the studio 3 design learning process ain't over yet, as i said.

more on that later. gotta go for a business meeting in a while.

waywen said...

sir, "chiah kwan" is supposed to be "kwan kin" lol.

and about saturday's lunch or tea, a number of us would still be in pangkor. how about you buy us lunch next week, sir? haha. :P

ian ng said...

that's what i thot... i did have a feeling something wasn't quite right...

which only goes to prove one thing! Chiah Kwan and Kwan Kin!! You 2 did not see me enough all sem!!! For that u'll have to buy us all lunch next week! :)

solves the problem, doesn't it, WW?

pangkor eh? then u organise it when u come back la
dunno Ms V can tahan that long or not..

KS said...

i c, i am a very literal, symbolic architecture.

ms V tahan wut?

ian ng said...

aiya y u so emo? ur body in repose contained all our regeneration of sleep...the pic snored a thousand souls...daibiao daibiao ma

See Ms V's fb status....wut were u thinking?

ian ng said...

mao yang r u ok?

waywen said...

me organize ah? err shall confirm again after we return from pangkor, can ah sir? if the makan is good, sure can tahan wan lol. :P

ian ng said...

when r u back? i'm away 12-16 dec.
u guys organise together la, y'all v good at it..hehe

KS said...

lol daibiao...
mayb next sem i try use it more..

I was thinking issit msV cant wait to party with us, haha.

ian ng said...

haha..that u'll have to aske her. she has ssooooooo many students! one gigantic party might be fun..but then again, for relevances..maybe a series of small parties.. We 3 were ssooo impressed that u guys could actually organise a fashion show (behind our backs on a school study trip)that we're darn show u can pull off this one. it's v important to have a party: not only is it sem end it's also year end..we need closure, else things r left hanging..

ian ng said...

..terrible english...nvm la..sem over d
..going for business meeting now

Joo said...

Haha ian, i think chiah kwan din take studio 3 this sem, maybe next sem.

Yea bryan please organize something, we still havent got one nice group photo. (altho it will be without our eyebags)

ian ng said...

yala joo, no need to say so loud la...or ppl will start blaming others, why was his name in the roll?...

party, party...da dum da dum da dee dee dum....

KS said...

yeah, we had group photos (not all people in but stil a lot) for studio 1 & 2, cant skip studio 3 , as legend says it is the most important of all studios !?!

let's go to some nice restaurants or someone's bangalow!