Sunday, 10 August 2008


What an opening it was!!! Just blew my mind!

(Can't let that go without recording it here..haha)

It was a marvellous fete of the imagination, more than anything else, to me! Just goes to gotta think big, dig deep, and soar.

They did the right thing in getting Zhang Yimou to direct.

And they had Li Ning, one of my favourite athletes of all time, do the lighting...soopa!

Non impressions? The Mayor's speech--ghastly inanities, showed up by the other guy's speech---which was perfect and people centred. And Sarah Brightman...erm...really, i do like her, but isn't it old hat after Barcelona? (But for connectivity with the rest of the world...i suppose it was ok.)

My absolute favourite for the Opening? Hands down--the little guy from Sichuan who saved 2 eathquake victims. Love him!

(I'll add fav pics as they appear in following days. Tx AT for sending me this first one.)


Joo said...

The first performance was just jaw dropping. i watched it at asia cafe and it was so crowded~ but for around 30 seconds the whole place became completely quiet...even the waiters stood there and refused to work. total awesomeness~ =D

Khang Siang said...

absolutely touched.
happy for Chinese.
the little girl who sang 《歌唱祖国》is soooooooooooooooo cute! want a daughter like that ><

Lydia said...

it blew all of us away with its artistry, close co-ordination & sheer manpower.

My favorite parts of the ceremony were the light drums countdown and the dancers cum painters on canvas.

The torch lighting ceremony was totally original & unique. I think we have found something that can rival the *1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

* During the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo lit one of his arrows and fired it across the stadium and over the Olympic cauldron to spectacularly light the flame.