Friday, 27 June 2008

caution if you do not like controversies stop here!! reader's discretion is advised.

whoa.....hey ian, nice to finally have something that i can blog about again in here since once upon a time ago..hehe.. hope u wont mind some controversy in ur blog thoh now that im using it for some personal if u havent yet open the news paper since like yesterday, the latest news in penang is that the dreaded porr (penang otter ring road) and the monorail system is gonna be paused or stopped or wtv it might be, its not going as well...and im glad of it.

not to be totally political in here, but its not really fair isit that "they" wud just impose anything on this group of ppl and expect them to like it even thoh it is not well tot certain ca-ching going into some f***** lucky fella's pocket...sorry ian, if u think im touching any sensitive issues here, just go ahead and delete this post.

but, a penang kia is a penang kia....feeling damn proud of being penangite now, but then again when was i the sense that ppl are active in their own surroundings and taking change of their own destiny makes me feel that its our responsibility as archis to be more sensitive.

just look at the post below the name itself will spore tall majestic buildings in your mind, their "concrete and glass gardener" seem to have a brand spanking new garden to grow anything they like there, and its ok...because dubai was a waste land b4 the turn of the century like some 50years history, no culture reference. but this island city of about 1.5mil population half way around the globe has a history and culture dated since the 17th century...totally different story right..... but no the "they" still dont get it and when will "they" learn that the value of true power lies with the people...they dont even live here for crying out loud, so how would they know that its da best...again sorry if im too political..

so it goes, pouring in one "disaster" after the other, first the iconic towers, and now usm is claiming its name over some business park called science@usm....spending not only hard earn tax payers money but also sacrificing the little greens left on the island. and this kind of phenomena is not happening only here, its happening all over the northern states, but one can only be aware of so many, so if its possible go have ur own research done cuz i dont know if i can say so much here with all the touchy touchy issues, but if u do...pls do educate and inform the people around u about all these things.

and ian, if u find this too offensive im sorry and u can delete this. but still i thank u for giving this platform out for me to deliver without ur consent.

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ian ng said...

Hey's ok to be passionately architectural and political. we can't really escape from the politics around us, and the environment and it's making (or unmaking) is always political anyway. this sure is one side of jon we've not seen..haha. tho i'd go easy on the French..we're all quite decent here, really.

how 'they' spend 'our' money is always touchy, but in the end, as architects, our privileged expertise always comes down to how we spend the money of others--our clients and the building users--not a light responsibility, i always remind myself.

i don't know enough about the Penang scene to comment on the ORR or the mono rail, though i must say that walking around Georgetown was an experience that can't be beaten. but still, a point to ponder: if trams and trishaws can be romantic why can't monorails be, too? why should obsolete modes of transportation be more acceptable to our sensibilities than present ones?