Thursday, 2 August 2007

General comments on this morning's tutorials

Generally good. There are quite a few exciting ideas floating around. They can be developed into good buildings. A few guys are still struggling, but that's ok if you can respond to my comments to you and come up with something different, take a different approach.

Next Tue's Interim Crit is CRUCIAL! We have invited guests, and that's a chance not to be missed. A chance to test MORE IDEAS with a wider audience.

By then you should have moved into BUILDINGS, not just visceral models. (Viscerals ended last week, actually.) Which means you must show DRAWINGS TO SCALE and STUDY MODELS OF BUILDINGS TO SCALE. (Freehand and rough is ok.)

"BUILDINGS" mean your proposal must have a ROOF. and

MUST have something at the side to enclose your building, keep the rain and animals out and let the natural light in.

MUST be around 400 sq m.

MUST be about ONE STOREY. (Figure that one out.)



MUST have a VARIETY of SPACES that link nicely to one another

MUST have a SECTION DRAWING that shows an interesting relationship between the interior and exterior of the building

MUST have a plan that SUPPORTS and complements the section

It's fun time now...till Tue

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